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 Otaku Paradise: Forum & Chatbox Rules (Updated 4-20-14)

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Otaku Paradise: Forum & Chatbox Rules (Updated 4-20-14) Empty
PostSubject: Otaku Paradise: Forum & Chatbox Rules (Updated 4-20-14)   Otaku Paradise: Forum & Chatbox Rules (Updated 4-20-14) EmptySeptember 7th 2013, 4:12 pm

The Official Forum Rules of Otaku Paradise

1. No cursing and/or foul language.
2. Keep all conversations and content G or PG-rated.
3. Inappropriate images or photos will not be allowed anywhere om the forum.
4. No fighting with other users or flaming, this will result in a vacation from the forum.
5. No cyber-bullying allowed! Anyone caught doing this will be IMMEDIATELY banned from the site.
6. No disrespecting staff members, you will be banned if found doing so.
7. Sexting will never be allowed, so don't do it or else face a possible banishment.
8. Only Admins & Mods can post in red and blue.

10. You must wait 2 weeks before changing your name on the forums. You must ask an Administrator to change your name for you.

The Official Chatbox Rules of Otaku Paradise

1. Respect Chatbox Mods, Mods, Global Mods, and Admins.

2. Don't abuse your chatbox priviledges.

3. Ask before starting a roleplay and get it approved by a Chatbox Mod.

4. Don't spam the chat, you'll get kicked. After 3 times, a ban will be placed until mods let you come back.

NOTICE: The above rules are strict so that members can thrive in a safe, fun, and bully-free experience. If any or all rule(s) are violated, then the member who is responsible will be banned forever from Otaku Paradise.

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Otaku Paradise: Forum & Chatbox Rules (Updated 4-20-14) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Otaku Paradise: Forum & Chatbox Rules (Updated 4-20-14)   Otaku Paradise: Forum & Chatbox Rules (Updated 4-20-14) EmptyApril 15th 2014, 1:01 am

These rules are correct the OP team expects your to follow them
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Otaku Paradise: Forum & Chatbox Rules (Updated 4-20-14)
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