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 Teku's Visuals (Signature and avatar shop.)

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PostSubject: Teku's Visuals (Signature and avatar shop.)   April 18th 2014, 10:07 am


Teku's Visuals
Hello there~!
Here, you can request a signature or avatar
to be made.

Rules and Notes
1. All images/graphics will be made on Adobe Photoshop CS6, not GIMP.

2. Make sure to actually fill out the request-form, otherwise you won't recieve your order!

3. Please know that your order may be finished later than expected, seeing as I'm fairly busy currently.

4. In your form, please state whether you would like to be notified whenever it's finished via PM.

5. Please credit 'Teku`' or 'Made by Teku`' with your sig/avatar, whether on this forum or on a different forum.

6. Fill out all of the form, unless you don't want a certain feature 
(then use 'NP' or 'no preference').

7. To use the image code in your signature, type or copy and paste
[*IMG] [/*IMG] (without asterisks) and in the space between, paste the url I give you via pm or comment.

8. If you want to be a perfectionist, you may ask for a certain opacity for any of the modifications. E.g: "I want my opacity 50%"

Graphic Examples
(They're a little rushed, I know. :3)
OP Username: (username on Otaku Paradise)

Type: (sig or avatar)

Render: (PNG image with transparent background, if you can't find one just put 'NP')

Background: (again, you could put 'NP' if you can't decide. Also, can be
gradient - just tell me the colours)

Text: (what you want it to say, otherwise 'NP')

Text colour
OR clipping mask: (clipping mask is an image inside of the text - give me the link to the image or use img code below in comments if you want it)

Font: (from dafont.com, or otherwise 'NP',
or put a link to the font)

Would you like a shadow behind the text?: (you may tell me your preferred
opacity if you want)

Extras: (including if you want to be PM'ed when done)

Enjoy your signatures and avatars~



Signature made by Teku` / Desu`.

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PostSubject: Re: Teku's Visuals (Signature and avatar shop.)   April 20th 2014, 3:16 am

Although there is no official policy for avatar/signature shops yet, this shop has approved!
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Teku's Visuals (Signature and avatar shop.)
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